Who is Marilís Llobet?

After a long and successful corporate career where she held positions as CEO and regional positions in transnational companies in the commercial area, Marilís Llobet started her own training company. She has trained more than 15,000 people in Latin America in more than 10,000 hours of training. Marilís has stood out for her ability to combine her solid corporate experience, her broad academic background and her passion for neuroscience to help her clients create new results through deep processes of inner transformation. She has developed commercial models for prestigious companies in Latin America in the Banking, Insurance and Medical Equipment Distribution sectors. Her business skills combined with the deep passion for neuroscience help people and corporations accelerate their transformation processes that result in dramatic improvements in performance.

This unique set of skills has also allowed her to design customer experience considering commercial and neuroscientific aspects.

What we do

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Marilís holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Costa Rica, a Master's in Marketing from the University of Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid, a Master's in International Business from the University of Lérida in Catalonia. She is a certified trainer at NeuroChangeSolutions, by Dr. Joe Dispenza. She was certified in Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback at Quantum University with Dr. Jeffrey Fannin. Represents the Sandler Training brand in Costa Rica and for large clients in Latin America.

Marilís is the author of the book Stay Tuned to the Life of Your Dreams where she proposes a five-step personal transformation method that includes Staytuned Audios, with music frequencies to accelerate the processes of change of people and companies. StayTuned Audios is a project in which she invited Carlos Vargas (Tapado) a prestigious Costa Rican musician, who has won three Grammy awards and Kelvin Rojas Llobet, who coordinates the operations of this new venture.


  • El Financiero Weekly, edition number: 545, December 2005. Award: "Businessman of the Year". Investment mention on EOS Distributor Acquisition as General Director of Cefa Corporation.

  • Summa Magazine, edition number: 157, June 2007, Central America. Award: "Top 75 Business Women and High Executives" (female). Seventy five best leaders of private businesses.

  • IT Now Magazine, edition number: 29, 2007, Central America. Award: "CEO of the Year".